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Visions and Values

Our Vision and Values

At Dorothy Barley, we aim to provide the highest standards of teaching and learning so that all children can achieve their academic potential. We also ensure that we foster and develop the social and emotional well-being of our children. Our children deserve the best.


Our core values at Dorothy Barley are supported and developed through our Golden Rules which promote themes of kindness, respect for ourselves and others, honesty and hard work. These core beliefs underpin everything we do and help us be the best we can be.

Our Learning Values


Towards the end of the Autumn term 2015 and the beginning of the Spring term 2016 we consulted with our school community to develop a shared vision for DBJA.


After consulting with children, parents, Governors and staff we created 7 Learning Values which will underpin everything we do at DBJA.


Our Learning Values are: Honesty, Pride, Love, Kindness, Determination, Tolerance and Respect.


Our Golden Rules

We are gentle. We don’t hurt others.

We are kind and helpful. We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

We listen. We don’t interrupt.

We are honest. We don’t cover up the truth.

We work hard. We don’t waste our own or others’ time.

We look after property. We don’t waste or damage things.


Closely tied into these core values are the REAch2 touchstones of Learning, Enjoyment, Responsibility, Inclusion, Inspiration, Integrity and Leadership. We expect all children and adults within our school community to promote our touchstones, our learning values and to follow our Golden Rules.

British Values & Diversity at Dorothy Barley Junior Academy