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Who's Who

Our Staff


Headteacher Ms C Leicester
Deputy Headteacher Ms L O'Connor

Assistant Headteacher & Literacy Leader

Ms R Andrews

Assistant Headteacher & Numeracy Leader Mr K Arrowsmith
School Business Manager (HR, Health & Safety, Finance) Ms S Guyatt
Designated Safeguarding Lead and Pupil Welfare Lead Mrs D Nickless
Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion Ms L Lewis
Regional Director Ms G Ellyard
Deputy Regional Director  Mr D Hughes 
Associate School Leader Ms J Johnson
Associate School Leader Ms J Griffiths
Associate School Leader Mr M Rahman
Associate School Leader Mr M Henson
ARP Lead Teacher & SENCo Ms J Green

Y6 Team Leader, Spruce Class Teacher & History Leader

Ms M Choudhry

Y6 Sugar Maple, AHT & Numeracy Leader Mr K Arrowsmith

Y6 Sweet Gum Class Teacher, AHT & Literacy Leader

Ms R Andrews

Y6 Sycamore Class Teacher

Ms S Sohal

Y5 Team Leader, Hemlock Class Teacher & R.E, PSCHE, P4C and Year 5 and 6 Curriculum Leader Ms P Rose
Y5 Hemlock Class Teacher Mr S Judge
Y5 Hazel Class Teacher Ms N Ajmi
Y5 Holly Class Teacher & D.T. Leader

Ms C Chapman

Y5 Hawthorn Class Teacher& ICT Leader

Mr O Gokdemir
Y4 Team Leader, Beech Class Teacher & Geography Leader Ms J Apresto
Y4 Bayberry Class Teacher 

Mr F Carter

Y4 Banyan Class Teacher & Science Leader

Ms R Williams

Y4 Black Oak  Class Teacher

Ms C Bansal



Y3 Team Leader,  Apple Class Teacher, Performing Arts & Year 3 and 4 Curriculum Leader

Ms A Robinson

Y3 Acacia Class Teacher Mr A Haque

Y3 Aspen Class Teacher

Ms M Idowu

Y3 Ash Class Teacher

Ms J Plantecoste


Y3-6 Cover Teacher  Ms N Jass
Attendance Officer Ms N Kemp
Deputy DSL and Pupil Welfare Officer Ms M Dawes
Administrative Assistant Ms S Miah
Administrative Support Assistant Ms L Wooding
School Caretaker Mr S Pyne
School Caretaker Ms D Waller
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms A Gullefer
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms J Parry
Specialist Behaviour Support Teaching Assistant & Learning Mentor Ms A Stanborough
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Ms S Goodwin
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mr K Barnard
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Ms M Sinclair
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Ms S Flint
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Ms J Antoszewski
Y6 Teaching Assistant Ms C Van Dongen
Y6 Teaching Assistant Ms T Hoy
Y5 Teaching Assistant Ms K Kantorski
Y5 Teaching Assistant Ms Z Patel
Y5 Teaching Assistant Ms J Winter
Y5 Teaching Assistant Ms J Withington
Y4 Teaching Assistant Ms L Davis
Y4 Teaching Assistant Mr S O'Connor
Y3 Teaching Assistant Ms C O'Toole
Y3 Teaching Assistant Ms K Simmonds
Y3 Teaching Assistant Ms S Dossa
Y3 Teaching Assistant Ms S Spicer
Y3 Teaching Assistant Ms G Atler
SEND TA & 1-1 Support Ms S Carr
SEND TA & 1-1 Support Mr L Chintua - Chigbu
TA  Ms S Bell
Cover TA Ms A Sawali
Cover TA Ms R Begum
Play Leader Ms K Garvin
Play Leader Ms L Gladden
Play Leader Ms C Higgins
Play Leader Ms J Parry
Play Leader Ms S Spicer
Play Leader Ms K Wenn
Play Leader Ms S Wright
Cook Superviser Ms P Jones